Bing launches bots for local businesses

From SearchEngineLand Bots are created automatically from data in Bing Places and will soon work with Facebook Messenger and Cortana. Bots are coming to Bing in a big way. Through its Bot Framework, Microsoft is starting to integrate chatbots into search results — to make search more interactive and transactional. In April, Matt McGee spotted … Read more

Siri is Google’s nearest mobile search competitor

by Greg Sterling for SearchEngineLand According to a survey from Fivesight Research, Siri had a larger share of mobile search than Bing or Yahoo. A new study from Fivesight Research, “US Consumer Search Preferences Smartphone & Desktop: Q1 2017,” finds that Siri is the mobile “search engine” of choice after Google. The study was based on a … Read more

Bing has a chatbot answering local search questions

by Matt McGee for SearchEngineLand Skype-powered chatbot is showing up as an assistant to help searchers learn about restaurants in the Seattle area. Bing has added a chatbot to help users with some of its local search results for restaurants in the Seattle area. After getting a tip from a reader, I was able to reproduce the … Read more

How to Prevent Online Data Conflict from Ruining Your Business

Imagine you’ve just won $1 million from Publishers Clearing House, and now they want to arrange a time to give you a giant check on national TV. Too bad they had your phone number wrong and confirmed it with bad online data … so now someone else gets this life-changing prize. Prevent Online Data Conflict … Read more

Bing brings Holiday Hours for Local Businesses to all

Many businesses change their hours of operation during the holiday season. Some stores close on Thanksgiving, some restaurants shorten their service hours, and some national retailers even open the evening of Thanksgiving so people can start Black Friday shopping festivities early. These fluctuating hours of operation make it difficult to plan shopping and dining outings.  … Read more

Don’t get caught napping: 87% of online business listings are wrong or inconsistent

The single most important factor in online search success is simple and cheap to fix – and your competitors couldn’t be bothered! Most small and medium enterprises know that SEO is important to get their businesses found online. What many of them don’t realize is that a lot of customers aren’t even going to go … Read more