Google My Business updates insights email sent to businesses

By Mike Blumenthal from his blog, found here.  Google, just off releasing a raft of new products and still testing others, has significantly updated the monthly Insights email that is being sent to GMB account owners. This email, one of many email notifications that the GMB is sending out, has significantly more information than the previous … Read more

Google’s Mission to Eliminate Fake Google My Business Listings

by Bernadette Coleman While, we might not love all the updates Google is constantly making to the local pack and search algorithms, Google’s cracking down on fake Google My Business Listings is one update we can all get behind. As you know, one of Google’s top priorities is serving relevant, accurate search results that consumers … Read more

How to Manage Negative Online Reviews

By Bernadette Coleman In this digital age, where everyone lives and communicates online, online reviews can really make or break a business; therefore, managing reviews must be a priority. Beyond just what the consumer thinks, online reviews are indexed by search engines and positive reviews increase the trust signal for a business. Today, we are going … Read more

What’s Happening with Google Lately?

How These Changes Can Impact Local Businesses By Lisa Dutty Google has certainly been busy lately! Over the past month, marketers and consumers alike have noticed a number of interesting changes to some of the search giant’s core products and features. Since many of the updates affect online visibility for local businesses, we thought it would … Read more

The Power of Yelp’s Questions & Answers Feature for Businesses

By Bernadette Coleman Have you checked out Yelp’s new Questions & Answers feature yet? This feature enables the Yelp community to ask and answer specific questions about a business. Each question is connected to a specific business and the answers to the questions can come from other consumers or the businesses themselves.   This feature … Read more

How to Prevent Online Data Conflict from Ruining Your Business

Imagine you’ve just won $1 million from Publishers Clearing House, and now they want to arrange a time to give you a giant check on national TV. Too bad they had your phone number wrong and confirmed it with bad online data … so now someone else gets this life-changing prize. Prevent Online Data Conflict … Read more