Google’s Mission to Eliminate Fake Google My Business Listings

by Bernadette Coleman While, we might not love all the updates Google is constantly making to the local pack and search algorithms, Google’s cracking down on fake Google My Business Listings is one update we can all get behind. As you know, one of Google’s top priorities is serving relevant, accurate search results that consumers … Read more

5 Simple Steps To More Local Business Website Traffic in 2017

It was just a simple four-page website for the Murray Group, an insurance company based in Albany, New York. And it hadn’t been updated for three years. Ryan Hanley changed all that. In the process of that change, he nearly tripled traffic and generated $4,975 in new business within 100 days…and much more afterward. “That’s … Read more

Will clients find you?

They’re looking for a local business just like yours: will they find you? Nowadays, very few people use the phone book to find local businesses. Why should they? All the directories are online. They hit the internet, often using their handy smart phones, and they search for a specific type of business in the area … Read more

And? Yes – it’s insanity. Because Local Search sucks.

Local search sucks. Who says that? Well – anyone trying to get into local search says it. They may not say it out-loud, but believe me – they’re saying it, Why? Because too much of it is about SEO – about playing to the rules – about ensuring you’re doing everything right as a business. … Read more