Neil Patel, online marketing guru, talks NAPping. :)

We love Neil Patel. The guy knows what he is talking about, and he is able to present his knowledge to others in ways that are easily understood, and most important, entirely actionable. Neil took a couple of minutes to talk about Local a few days ago. And yet again – he nailed it. Watch … Read more

What Local Businesses Must Know About Local Search – Right Now

Whether a local business is a stand-alone, single location or part of a massive national or global brand, it shares a common goal with every other business. Every local business wants to be findable in search and therefore visible to the public – those consumers trying to solve a problem or fulfill a need as … Read more

Earthquake in Local Advertising

… and it starts in Australia. The Yellow Pages was a fantastically huge cash cow for many years. They were a cash cow because they had a virtual stranglehold on the market – if you were not in the Yellow Pages, you were not getting business. Period. And you know what? They were right. And … Read more

Bing has a chatbot answering local search questions

by Matt McGee for SearchEngineLand Skype-powered chatbot is showing up as an assistant to help searchers learn about restaurants in the Seattle area. Bing has added a chatbot to help users with some of its local search results for restaurants in the Seattle area. After getting a tip from a reader, I was able to reproduce the … Read more

5 Simple Steps To More Local Business Website Traffic in 2017

It was just a simple four-page website for the Murray Group, an insurance company based in Albany, New York. And it hadn’t been updated for three years. Ryan Hanley changed all that. In the process of that change, he nearly tripled traffic and generated $4,975 in new business within 100 days…and much more afterward. “That’s … Read more

Are We Headed for a Golden Age of Small Business?

By Rieva Lesonsky – Is the number of U.S. small businesses about to soar? Yes, if you believe the QuickBooks Future of Small Business report from Intuit. The study predicts a 3.3 percent growth rate for small business in the next 10 years, compared to the current 2 percent. As a result, Intuit predicts, … Read more